Software and IP

Accelerating machine intelligence.

Intelligent machines require intelligent approaches. With an emphasis on functionality, efficiency, and reliability, krtkl offers a range of software solutions designed to accelerate product development and enhance the capabilities of bleeding-edge systems.

krtkl excels in mission-critical and safety-critical applications and knows the importance of predictability and dependability. We also understand that every project is different and make sure our customers are equipped with the best tools for the job at hand.

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Embedded Software and Firmware

Understanding the relationship between hardware and software is vital to any embedded application. krtkl specializes in software and firmware for deeply embedded systems, particularly those with a high level of criticality.

Whether you’re running a general purpose operating system or bare metal, krtkl offers a wide range of pre-integrated drivers, stacks, libraries, and applications for everything from industrial robotics to wireless communications.

When combined with our FPGA IP cores, we make sure you get to market as quickly as possible with reliable, high-performance performing hardware and software.

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krtkl’s field programmable gate array (FPGA) Intellectual Property (IP) cores are built to address a variety of markets and applications. Use cases include hardware accelerators, modular redundancy, real-time control, digital signal processing and more.

Because krtkl IP cores are designed for and implemented on krtkl hardware, no additional integration is required. Additionally, with our hardware-based, per-unit IP licensing, our customers are able to eliminate costly and time-consuming legal work.

And using krtkl’s on-board IP protection mechanisms, eliminated are  any concerns around system security and IP theft & cloning.











Embedded. Deep.

Embedded Operating Systems

Properly integrating embedded operating systems requires multiple levels of abstraction, all the way down to the hardware. krtkl has extensive experience with a variety of both open and proprietary operating systems.

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Real-Time Operating Systems

“Hard” real-time and safety-critical systems require operating systems that are priority driven and deterministic. Working up from the hardware layer, we implement the appropriate level of redundancy and performance to ensure both product and regulatory requirements are quantitatively met.