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Artificial Vision

A key component of automation is a system’s ability to full perceive, understand, and adapt to its operating environment. Vision plays a central role in automated system effectiveness across dozens of applications and industries.

Artificial vision – whether used for 3D sensing, object recognition, or countless other functions – not only increases system autonomy, but makes machines more capable of seamlessly working alongside human operators. This type of cooperation results in more effective processes and people while at the same time minimizing capital costs.

krtkl can help you add artificial vision to new and existing automated systems to improve your operational efficiency and capabilities, as well as adding critical future-proof flexibility to maximize your return on investment.

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Security and Surveillance

More surveillance data is being gathered than can be practically monitored and processed by traditional means. The practical limits of manual data parsing and recording have long since been exceeded.

Automation in the fields of security and surveillance is being used more extensively than ever before. Facial recognition, object detection, pattern matching, and other tasks that used to be handled by human operators are constantly being pushed to digital systems capable of processing vast amounts of information more accurately and quickly than their predecessors.

Capable of developing full-stack security solutions, krtkl creates systems that are specifically designed to accomodate unique monitoring, preprocessing, and power consumption requirements for use in any environment.

Inspection and Quality Control

The long-term costs of critical infrastructure failures far exceed those of taking proactive measures to ensure their health. Whether stationary or mobile, remote and automated visual inspection systems are playing an increasingly vital role in preventative maintenance.

Similarly, machine vision-based quality control is integral to assuring high-throughput manufacturing operations are performing as expected and producing known, good outputs. Enhancements in accuracy, reliability, and performance make automated measurement and qualification systems essential to any modern production facility.

krtkl’s high-resolution vision systems can help implement or improve facility inspection and factory automation performance and efficiency.

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