Wireless Communications


IoT Security

Wireless Communications

Connect remotely, add mobility, enable scalability, increase usability…whatever the requirement, wireless will almost certainly play a role. Ubiquitous connectivity is now the cornerstone for countless industries and applications, and is only becoming more pervasive as time goes on.

Data-rich and real-time applications rely on high throughput, low latency connections to ensure reliably consistant operation. New wireless systems must account for the latest advances in infrastructure and standards while remaining conscious of power consumption, interference, range, and a host of other application-specific requirements.

krtkl brings expertise in wireless protocols and RF design to help bring your products online in the most efficient, effective, and secure way possible.

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Software-Defined Radio and Networking

Connectivity isn’t as simple as it used to be. Whether due to industry, regulatory, application, or market requirements, oftentimes one mode of connectivity is not enough.

Changing wireless standards, shifting spectrum availability, a mix of high- and low-bandwidth signals, varying latency demands, and countless other considerations turn field-reprogrammable radios and networks into a necessity. From transportation to edge computing, software-defined radio and networking are playing an increasingly vital role in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

If you have an application for software-defined radio or networking, krtkl will work with you to design your system from the ground up – taking you from hardware design to protocol implementation through to network optimization – providing you with versatile, highly functional, and future-proofed end-to-end connectivity.

IoT Security

With unprecedented connectivity comes an equal level of vulnerability. Considering how much critical infrastructure relies on continuous remote connectivity, network security has never played a more vital role in the development and maintenance of new systems and products.

Your ability to secure and protect your data, controls, processes, IP, and products can often be the difference between life and death for your business – or worse. Every link in the connectivity and storage chain is equally critical and demands professional attention.

Leveraging a combination of hardware- and software-based encryption alongside advanced system-level architecture, krtkl ensures your communications are immune to external threats and that nay potential breach is isolated and mitigated to give you the confidence you need in your network.

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