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Video Processing

Audio Processing

A/V Networking

Video Processing

Video has become the greatest consumer of worldwide network bandwidth – by a large margin. Over 70% of the the world’s Internet traffic is video, a figure that continues to grow by the day.

The computational demands of modern, high-bandwidth video processing applications can easily exceed the capacity of traditional hardware and software architectures. Real-time encoding/decoding, low-latency overlays, and other high-performance functions require hardware accelerators to maximize throughput.

Through a combination of high-speed hardware design and hybrid software-hardware computational load balancing, krtkl maximizes throughput while minimizing power consumption and production costs to ensure you are offering the most competitive video solution possible.

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Audio Processing

Far-field voice recognition and natural language processing are just a couple examples of how audio is being used to interact with automated and connected systems. As these capabilities grow, so do expectations for new methods of human-machine communication and control.

With more and more products being developed with voice interaction in mind, the demand for high-fidelity audio processing increases. In addition to adding new interaction mechanisms, audio is also becoming more heavily utilized for monitoring and inspection as yet another tool to ensure safe and functional plant operations.

krtkl’s experience with audio circuity design and digital signal processing provides the resources you need to create cutting-edge audio and voice functionality for new and existing systems.

Audio/Video Networking

As a result of the coming wave of rich audio and video applications – combined with the ever growing number of systems and devices with Internet connectivity – a tremendous amount of stress is being placed on existing infrastructure and networks around the world.

Considerations such as transmission power, latency, performance, and processing costs, serious thought needs to be given to how high-bandwidth data sources are treated at the node. With the volume and quality of sources increasing, pre-processing and compression play vital roles in making sure network loads are kept at sustainable levels.

krtkl’s embedded hardware and IP offerings make it possible to maintain low bandwidth consumption while minimizing latency, all without compromising quality or throughput.

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