Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

Robotics and Mechatronics

Today’s automated systems require an exceedingly high level of functionality, versatility, and integration. From collaborative robots to unmanned vehicles, automation has become deeply rooted in every aspect of life and industry.

As bleeding-edge technologies make their way into the mainstream, new mechatronic systems are born and new opportunities and challenges are presented. Businesses are forced to continue leveraging the most recent advances in control, sensing, connectivity, and embedded intelligence in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

With decades of practical experience developing highly mechanized and automated systems, krtkl combines sound engineering principles with 21st-century technologies to provide industry-leading system integration and functional safety solutions.

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Smart Manufacturing

Never before have manufacturers had so many tools at their fingertips. With an almost overwhelming amount of data flowing in from every corner of the manufacturing floor, being able to absorb and process information in “real-time” is critically important to plant health and factory uptime.

Being able to monitor processes, products, and machines down to the component level means you are always aware of the next failure before it happens.

krtkl ensures your equipment and systems keep operating at peek performance in order to maximize efficiency, throughput, and worker safety.

Industry 4.0 and the IIoT

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived: welcome, Industrial Internet of Things. The factory of tomorrow is not only highly automated, but highly connected.

Plant operators are now able to continuously and effectively monitor and control their facilities from a world away. New networking paradigms mean machine-to-machine communication can be dynamically optimized to ensure on-time delivery of mission-critical data and commands.

krtkl realizes the importance of system-wide interconnectivity, and provides innovative and reliable solutions to the problems of integration, compatibility, and efficiency.

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