What is snickerdoodle’s temperature range? And do you offer an industrial version?

Below is a list of snickerdoodle component temperature ranges:

667MHz Zynq 7010 (XC7Z010-CLG400C): 0C to 85C
866MHz Zynq 7020 (XC7Z020-CLG400E): 0C to 100C

Single-Band WL1801 Radio (WL1801MODGBMOCx): -20C to 70C
Dual-Band 2×2 MIMO WL1837 Radio (WL1837MODGIMOCx): -40C to 85C

LPDDR2 Memory: -30C to 85C

STM32: -40C to 85C

Flash and Crypto EEPROM: -40C to 85C

“Everything else”: -30C to 85C ‘or better’

Note: we do have “industrial” snickerdoodle versions available. If you have an application requiring extended temperature ranges, please let us know.

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