Creating Tomorrow, Today

krtkl fuels innovation by delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

We pride ourselves in doing things the right way – with patience, precision, and professionalism – a high standard to which our customers and partners continuously hold us. Our customers’ success and satisfaction are always placed ahead of our own, a reality exemplified by the quality of our work.

As an organization, krtkl is constantly striving to push the limits of technological potential, while maintaining a keen focus on practicality, usability, quality, accessibility, and efficiency. People from around the world place their faith in the dependability and reliability of our people and products every day, and we are steadfastly committed to rewarding that faith.

Embrace Challenge. Respect Failure. Demand Excellence.


Nurturing Ingenuity

At krtkl, we encourage coloring outside the lines and wielding curiosity as a tool to keep ourselves in a state of constant learning and discovery.

Challenging the status quo and standing up to doubters isn’t suggested, it’s mandated. If you aren’t challenging yourself every day with a new skill, lesson, approach, or point of view, you simply aren’t growing.

Here, ingenuity isn’t simply about solving complex problems. It’s about breaking down complex problems into their fundamental elements and applying creativity, know-how, and determination to arrive at elegant – yet simple – solutions.

Being “innovative” isn’t a natural-born talent, it’s a skill that is practiced, nurtured, and honed over time. We believe in creating an environment that’s both trying and comforting in order to unroot new products and technologies that enhance the human condition.

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Ambition begets action. Action begets progress. Progress empowers all.