ARM + FPGA + Wireless + 154 I/O

It's time to take your project to the next level.
Introducing snickerdoodle: with a dual-core ARM processor, FPGA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and starting at just $95, snickerdoodle is the smallest, baddest, most affordable platform for powering everything robots, drones, and computer vision.

+ What can I do with snickerdoodle?

Control robots with 3D vision. Fly drones with heads-up displays. Build 3D printers. Operate a remote weather station. Blanket a city in wireless beacons. The possibilities are endless.

All your favorite robot-friendly, open-source platforms are supported: Ubuntu Linux, ROS, FreeRTOS, you name it! And with an FPGA, the entire board is reconfigurable...via software! So not only can you add and customize your own I/O, hardware accelerators, and "soft" microcontrollers, but upgrading hardware in the field is as easy as pushing out a software update. Now that's what we call the Internet of Things...

+ What Makes Snickerdoodle Different?

Why not use a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard or Arduino? We're so glad you asked... If you are running Linux, hooking up a bunch of I/O, and need your system to be wireless, snickerdoodle is for you.

Here's some stuff you can do with snickerdoodle you simply can't do with other low-cost platforms:

  • wirelessly control dozens of motors & sensors in real time
  • add & customize tons of I/O (up to 180!)
  • HD stereo machine vision & image processing
  • Gigabit networking
  • GPS-denied navigation
  • accelerate complex algorithms by 10x via hardware
  • remotely reconfigure hardware

Simply put: if you're SERIOUS about doing anything that involves robots, drones, computer vision, or automation, you NEED snickerdoodle.

+ Wait, I have more questions...

Great! Head on over to our FAQs , forum , or drop us a line!

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  • Processor: 2x 667MHz ARM Cortex-A9 (or 866MHz)
  • FPGA: 430K gates/17.6K LUTs (or 1.3M/53.2K)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Flash: 16MB NOR + microSD
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11n SISO (or 5GHz 2x2 MIMO)
  • Bluetooth: Classic & BLE
  • I/O: (see BASEBOARD SPECS for more)
    • Reconfigurable: 100 (or 125)
    • Processor: 54x GPIO
  • microUSB: console, 5V power
  • Comms: SPI, I2C, CAN, UART,
                   JTAG, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power input: 3.7V to 17V
  • Dimensions: 2in x 3.5in (50.8mm x 88.9mm)

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baseboard specs

snickerdoodle baseboards provide several functional apps right out-of-the-box. snickerdoodle baseboards & I/O / peripherals include:

  • breakyBreaky breakout board
    • 0.1" headers for snickerdoodle
  • piSmasher SBC
    • HDMI in/out, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, 68x reconfigurable I/O
  • giggleBits snickerdoodle-Defined Networking card
    • 2x RJ45 1000Base-T GigE card, plugs into piSmasher

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supported open-source platforms



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